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Pastor Paul: We remain at the eipcenter of hope

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Grace and peace to each of you from Bethany.  It is said that Seattle is the epicenter of the coronavirus concerns in our nation these days, but I am hopeful that Seattle (and Bethany/Bainbridge Island) can at the same time be an epicenter of hope and modeling of how a community responds with care and wisdom to such threats. Thank you for the many ways you intentionally seek to make social connections in a time when social spacing (I prefer this over “distancing”) is so important.

I am committed to daily blogs to update our community on how the Bethany community is responding to the current global crisis.  Right now there are many initiatives percolating (online worship, special funding for Helpline House, special Bethany music posts on social media, etc.).  As there come to fruition, I will roll them out via blog.  In the meantime, I want to invite everyone to faithfully continue in prayer, and continue to make connections with friends and neighbors, who may need nothing more than a kind voice or a caring note. Today, please remember Bud Johnson (Myrna) who is at Harrison with some heart/lung concerns.

From the epicenter of hope,

Pastor Paul

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