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Please join in the Lord's Prayer today at noon

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Greetings people of Bethany and friends,

Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, in conjunction with church leaders throughout the world, has asked us to pause at noon today, Wednesday, local time to pray the Lord's Prayer.

This stands as our unified response as the COVID-19 virus spreads.

Pastor Paul also encourages us to pray the Lord's Prayer forward, on the hour, as you choose.

Thank you,

Rachel Pritchett, office administrator


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Pastor Paul: When isolation becomes compounded

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Today I am focusing on a condition that I became acutely aware of yesterday, one that I will call “isolation within isolation." These are the situations where the effects of the isolation requirement are compounded, especially and unfairly for those who are experiencing medical conditions other than those involving the coronavirus.

Yesterday I spoke with Donovan Johnson, who continues to reside at Brookdale, but has been doing so for the past months without the joy of sharing his apartment with Carol.  Carol has been convalescing at a care facility in Bremerton after a brief stint at Harrison.  Until two weeks ago, Donovan would take public transportation to go and see her every other day, but since both facilities instituted policies prohibiting visitors, they have been unable to be together. 

Likewise, I spoke with Myrna Johnson yesterday, whose husband Bud has been in Harrison for over a week with some heart/lungs concerns. She also has been prevented from visiting Bud, as have all family members.

When people are in a medical crisis, their physical and mental health and healing depend a lot on the support and comfort they receive from the familiar, from the recognizable.  Just when everything seems foreign and confusing, overwhelming and anxiety-producing, those familiar support systems are so important … especially in hospital/rehab settings.  In the same way the family benefits from the reassurance that comes from seeing the one who is requiring special care.  The ache compounds. 

I request your prayers for those in such special circumstances, as well as for those serving them, who often receive the brunt of their frustration.  I also gently remind you, that when those who are around you, ALWAYS AROUND YOU, are getting on your nerves, their familiarity a bit too familiar, to somehow give thanks that you are together, you are in the same room, that you are not alone, for they and God are with you.

Together in our isolation,

Pastor Paul

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