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A couple of items from Bethany on Thursday

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Hi all,

Stop by the library and take a look at two art pieces by Cindy Heine. One of them is on the home page here. Cindy almost always uses watercolors, but this time the medium was latex acrylic enamel, bought from Ace hardware, no less. Her inspiration were two crucifixes she discovered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the center of the paintings. Stunning. Here is a watercolor she did of Christ.

Also, FFF comes next Wednesday and it's going to be special. Franklin Chu brings us Chinese New Year. He and wife Linnea are cooking us a wonderful Chinese-themed luncheon, so we dispensing with the potluck. It all starts at noon. Do not miss this.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator


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Refugee Resettlement Team looks at 'Circle of Welcome'

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The Refugee Resettlement Team welcomes refugee expert Sam Altis, pictured, this coming Sunday when it meets at 10:45 a.m. in the sanctuary. As the team considers next steps, Altis, volunteer coordinator with Lutheran Community Services Northwest, will explain the “Circle of Welcome” initiative, which Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service uses to coordinate refugees services with other groups. More information is on the bulletin board and on this site. You are invited to the meeting.

Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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