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 Dick Coar, Mary Toepel marry

Dick Coar and Mary Toepel were married Saturday, Sept. 25, by Pastor Paul as part of a rainy drive-in worship service. The bride looked elegant in a peach embroidered two-piece suit, and the group wore a navy sports coat and gray slacks. The nuptials were said in the bed of Joe Sommerseth's white pickup truck so the 40 or so vehicles in the parking lot all could have a good sight angle. A full rainbow stretched across the sky during the ceremony, and onlookers honked their good wishes in this pandemic-age wedding. Coar and Toepel, both widows, have known each other for decades at University Lutheran Church of Seattle. The ceremony provided much needed relief as the coronovirus prohibits so much in church life.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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 Bethany group takes food to Helpline

A large group of Bethanians trekked to Helpline House on Sunday, Sept. 20, to bring food in this great time of need. The group's journey during a damp late-summer evening was in conjunction with CROP Walk. Bethany aims to raise at least $5,000 during the month of September. Once at Helpline House, Bethany member Barbara Swartling, who volunteers at Helpline House, explained how the agency is coping during the pandemic. Look elsewhere on this blog for a video of Barbara, as well as more information on CROP Walk.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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