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Bethany men enjoy retreat in shadow of Mount St. Helen

About two-dozen men from Bethany Lutheran Church took part in a men's retreat May 3 through 5 at Anderson Lodge, which is in Southwest Washington in the shadow of Mount St. Helen.

Doug Olson and Dave Christensen took these photos, with Dave focusing on father/son duos as subjects. All reported that the feed was good, the scenery great and the company fantastic.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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Sunday schoolers get busy on garden

Swing by the Bethany garden out near the garage and you're in for quite a sight. Bethany Sunday schoolers, their teachers and adult volunteers have been hard at work clearing weeds, repairing the beds and adding dirt to the garden, which had fallen into disuse in recent years.

The garden will hold many lesson as about faith, food security and sustainability for our children. Thanks to all who are taking part in this effort.

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Work party cleans up in time for Easter

The rain held off on Saturday, April 6, as members of Bethany and the Church of Steadfast Love worked hard to clean up the groups on the sprawling Bethany compass. Crews picked up fallen limbs and tossed them into three waiting pickups trucks. They chopped back stubborn blackberry vines and dug up Scotch broom. After worship where Pastor Kristy Daniels of the Church of Steadfast Love preached, all enjoyed a terrific spaghetti dinner. The Church of Steadfast Love is part of the Compass Center of Seattle, which serves homeless people.

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