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Lenten devotion for Monday

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Monday, March 5

Prompt #3 (Generosity)

Elana Zaiman, in her book “The Forever Letter” provides this prompt: “What are the 10 most important objects in your life? Did you acquire these objects on your own, or were they given to you?” To this we add, “Who, in cherishing an object in their life, would look to you as being the one who helped them appreciate it?” Write a note to the person who so generously shared with you.


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Prayers sought for rain in northern Namibia

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Good morning, all

I volunteer with the ELCA with Lutheran churches in Namibia. This morning, I received an email from a friend, the Rev. Ezron Kapolo, asking for prayer for rain. The churches, hospitals, schools and inhabitants - many subsistence farmers in the bush - are enduring a severe drought in this driest time of year. Livelihoods and lives are at stake. Please pray with me for rain.

Thank you,


Pictured, the Rev. Ezron Kapolo with his son in May 2017


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