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Special music included sweet harmonies

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Hi everyone. We had wonderful music this weekend with a vocal group singing both Saturday and Sunday nights. Here is a sample from "Bird Song," by Heather Masse. Singers included Tonya Roe, Linda Newlon, Linda Sievertson and Jenny Coates, with Jeff Jensen on the guitar and Tom Newlon on the banjo.

Thanks all.

- Rachel Pritchett, office admnistrator

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Bethany gets a new coat of paint

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Good Wednesday morning, all.

Stop by church and check out the great exterior paint job taking place now. The color is similar to what was there before, but lighter with a touch more gloss. Stunning. The front door is taped off today, so enter through the columbarium door or the one in back by the offices.

We have our fire-alarm system being tested today -- very loud. Don't be disturbed. We test it annually to make sure all who enter are as safe as possible.

Here are some images of the painting.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator


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