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Pounding, pounding, pounding as the new roof takes shape

Good morning,

It is Day 3, Wednesday, Jan. 25, and 36 degrees out at 8:15 a.m. The roofers beat me to work, and once again have been pounding, pounding, pounding, in stereo. An enormous pile of shakes is off to one side of the roof. They show their age -- black and tattered on the exposed parts. Just as soon as the shakes are removed, the roofers roll out a protective sheet and tap that down. No work yet on the steeple tower. Stop on by and take a look; it's really fascinating. Thank you, weather person.

- Rachel Pritchett

P.S. Thanks, Dave Christensen, for the photos today.

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Makin' hay while the sun shines

Day 2, Tuesday, and the roof workers will be back. Monday was a "Make Hay While the Sun Shines" day, with the roofers working from dawn until dusk to rip the old cedar shakes off the sanctuary roof.

Working without pause and only in T-shirts in frigid weather, the crew of several young men got about a third of the shingles removed. The shingles were tossed into a big truck parked by the oil tank.

If there is an optimal week for removing shingles in the dead of winter, this week might be it, with no rain expected until Sunday, with the exception of perhaps a little on Wednesday. Swing by and see the work. I'm going to put a photo gallery on the Bethany Facebook page. Check it out.

- Rachel Pritchett

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