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Fire department visits Bethany on Sunday

Hi everyone,

The Bethany fire alarm went off Sunday when quite a few people still were around. Thankfully, no fire. Just a false alarm.

What should we do when the alarm goes off? Go outside. Don't reset the alarm, even if the noise is annoying. Fire personnel are on their way. When they reset the alarm, they are able to more easily determine which are of the church triggered the alarm. Thanks Bainbridge Island Fire Department.

- Rachel Pritchett

Website introduction is Sunday

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder to plan to attend the adult-education hour this coming Sunday immediately following worship in the fellowship hall.
It's devoted mostly to an introduction of the new, updated website at bethanyofbainbridge.org. Bring your devices and follow along. We explain new ways of doing things, like the prayer chain, which now runs through the site. We'll take your recommendations, too, on how you want this site to grow. Don't be shy.
On the subject of outreach, I'll go over our new Facebook page and some advertising shifts we've done.
See you there; bring me a glass of water.
Rachel Pritchett