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Preschoolers parade on Halloween

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Students from the Bethany Lutheran Church Preschool donned some very inventive costumes before parading throughout the Bethany premises on Monday and Tuesday. On their way, they collected stickers from proud parents and staff. How fun was that? Some images are below.

Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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Unsung hero around the office?

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Good morning, Bethanians,

This morning, I wanted to thank Richard Solinsky for his hard work contributing to what I believe is a fix for some persistent problems we were having with our projector in the sanctuary. The work yesterday and this morning, with an internet support person, was pretty involved.

I cannot count the times Richard has helped us here at Bethany. Despite his living in Indianola, he’s here on a dime and hangs with the problem until it is fixed, no matter how hard. Like this morning.

Richard has saved Bethany many thousands of dollars in IT support. He recently retired from an IT business he had established after his retirement as a Navy contractor worker. He’s still helping us, however.

Richard’s a quiet, behind-the-scenes person, and for this reason, I am lifting him up this morning, because I am so grateful we got this fixed.

Thanks, Richard.


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