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Website introduction is Sunday

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder to plan to attend the adult-education hour this coming Sunday immediately following worship in the fellowship hall.
It's devoted mostly to an introduction of the new, updated website at bethanyofbainbridge.org. Bring your devices and follow along. We explain new ways of doing things, like the prayer chain, which now runs through the site. We'll take your recommendations, too, on how you want this site to grow. Don't be shy.
On the subject of outreach, I'll go over our new Facebook page and some advertising shifts we've done.
See you there; bring me a glass of water.
Rachel Pritchett

And the items for refugees just keep on coming ....

Hello Bethanians and friends,

The physical premises around Bethany these days are crowded with big plastic bins filled to the brims with items for refugees. They're "welcoming kits," aimed and easing the challenge newly arrived refugees have in setting up their households.

Many of the kits have to do with the kitchen, and contain things like pots, pans and cutlery. Lots of paper products and towels. You name it.

Yesterday, organizer Dick Heine and I transported six large dollies worth of kits from the narthex to the basement, which considerably opened up space around here. This morning, I encountered one volunteer trying to snap a lid down on one of the welcoming kits. It was that full.

It's a pretty inspiring place here. You can just feel the compassion people here have for helping refugees, and that goes for our partners at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, as well.

The welcoming-kit drive ends drive ends Sunday, Jan. 15. I wonder what they'll come up with next around here.

– Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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