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Pastor Selboe on call first 2 weeks in August

Pastor Paul will be away the first two weeks of August for board meetings with Portico in Minneapolis, and with Lutheran Community Services Northwest in the Tri-Cities. Pastor Sonja Selboe is available during that time for pastoral care. She can be reached at 360-979-7985 or .



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Recent blood drive at Bethany nets 21 units

Have you ever wondered how much blood is collected during the periodic drives in the Bethany fellowship hall? Puget Sound BloodWorks reports that 28 donors gave 21 units of whole blood during the drive on July 24. It estimates that 21 pints will help 72 patients in the local community. The group holds drives at Bethany about six times annually, as well as at other sites around the island. Pictured on the home page: Bethany member Tad Marten is a regular volunteer with Puget Sound BloodWorks, not only giving blood but helping in the drives. He's pictured here in 2016. Pictured above: one of the drives at Bethany in 2016.

-- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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