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An event-filled week and it's not even the holidays

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Good morning from Bethany,

Thanks everyone for showing up to my presentation on Namibia. I hope you got something out of it, and the experience helped me fine-tune my presentation as I take the Namibia companion relationship to congregations in the Southwestern Washington Synod.

It’s a busy week coming up and the holidays aren’t even here yet. In an hour, a sizable number of women will meet in one of the women’s homes for a Bible study led by the Rev. Sonja Selboe. Tonight, the Boy Scouts meet here, and tomorrow, there’s a Council meeting at 7 p.m. Come Wednesday, we have the monthly FFF meeting. I’m looking forward to Allison and Scott Pringle sharing memories of their trip to Luther country in Germany. Thursday at 10:30, a crew led by Ruth Bartunek will set up Thanksgiving displays in the sanctuary. We have a couple of preschool chapels, always fun, and the Girl Scouts come on Friday. All the while many of us are doing the SNAP Challenge so see how difficult it is for low-income people to buy healthy foods. See the SNAP Challenge tab on the top of this page.

That’s the short list.

I can’t wait.

Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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Deines sends dispatches from Tanzaniz

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Good morning, all,

These dispatches have come from Barbara Deines, in Monduli, Tanzania, where she and husband Stephen are teaching English at the Maasae Lutheran Girls School (MGLSS) - Rachel Pritchett:

“We have been at MGLSS one week! Things are going well. We are both healthy. We are getting to know our fellow volunteers, the Tanzanian teachers and, of course, the girls. The girls (27) in group B speak some English - some very well. The A group (33) much less well - and some not much at all. We are armed with dictionaries and pantomime:) Stephen is teaching math - starting with fractions. I am teaching the history of Tanzania! We started with "How do we know what happened in history?" B group had not much trouble but for A group - very tricky. It turns out HOW is hard to translate! In addition to math, Stephen is teaching guitar to one of the teachers and a Form 6 (most advanced) student named Glory. Chapel last night was in English (on Tuesdays). It was Holden vespers :)!

We see wagtails, weaver birds and mouse birds from our kitchen window. 

Best to all,



We just magically got email so will send a quick update before it goes away. We arrived at the girls school Wednesday. Our cottage is one half of a duplex just outside the school grounds. Has plumbing and electricity - when there is electricity! We are comfortable and well. About 60 girls in pre-form classes - divided into two groups. On Monday Dad/Stephen will start teaching math and I will teach history. When fellow "tutor" Donna leaves on 11/15, I will teach English- may or may not continue history. Girls are curious, friendly and energetic! Chapel every evening at 5 is mostly them singing and moving to the music. Wonderful! Some speak English fairly well - others barely. Donna and Kay, experienced tutors here, are a great help. In each classroom, there is a whiteboard or a blackboard- some chalk. No textbooks. We will buy paper in Monduli tomorrow - and handout the pencils Bethany collected for us (thank you!). Dr. Msingjili, head of the school, is a very nice man and welcoming- as are other administrators and teachers. 

Tomorrow we will attend church service, in Swahili, then walk about a mile to Monduli with Donna and Kay - if not raining. Rained all day today. Laundry day! So wet clothes are hanging all over the cottage. 

(Lots of great birds - right outside our window!)

All our best, Stephen and Barbara 

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