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Another year of preschool starts

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The Bethany Lutheran Church Preschool started up last week, and it was great to hear the happy voices in the play yard echo up the hill to the offices. This year features lots of younger brothers and sisters of past preschool students. Here are some images I took on Thursday. The students often file by the office after Preschool Chapel with Pastor Paul. I look forward to meeting them.

- Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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Candelabras from the past, but how far?

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Good morning, everyone,

What do you think of these candelabras? Volunteers found these and more, 13 in all, in a forgotten corner of the furnace room when they were cleaning it out. These old wrought-iron pieces are ornate and beautiful in one respect, but showing their age in another. Elements of them include intricate handmade welding. We’re trying to figure out the disposition for these pieces. Part of that decision rests on their historic use at the church, which might have been forgotten. If you know how there were used, here or at the old church on Pleasant Beach, please contact the office. They’re temporarily in the church office, if you would like to take a look.


Rachel Pritchett, office administrator

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