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Office lady Rachel Pritchett says thanks for everything

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The past seven years have been wonderful in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It had everything to do with you. We worshiped together and celebrated Easters and Christmases together. We worked on projects, and chewed the fat at the office window not often enough. I looked forward to busy days when I might see you. We even went to Holden a couple of times. Thanks for everything.

Thanks, Pastor Paul. The main reason I took this position was to grow my faith, and I have. Every day in the office we had Fun with a capital F. We journeyed through the aging of our parents together, often comparing notes. I am glad for your accompaniment on this journey.

Thanks, Jim Rohrscheib, for birddogging me every day so I wouldn’t fail. Your Navy commander skills were put to good use with me.

I’m surprised how much I like retirement. I plan to spend time with family, and resume playing my violin. The violin was a big part of my life earlier on. My plan is to find a good teacher to help me polish my technique. With work, I’ll audition for the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra in a year and a half or so. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being part of an orchestra or ensemble and accomplishing a piece well. I’ll study history and religion. I’ll also continue my work for Lutheran churches in Namibia, something I’ve wedged into my life for many years.

Lloyd and I also will continue to worship at Bethany, so we’ll see you around. Count on it.


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