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Lenten devotion for Tuesday

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Hi all,

Out front is a photo from Thursday of some of the members of our hard-working Baby Kits Team, which made 33 baby kits for Lutheran World Relief. Let me tell you, they worked. More than 50 are planned to ship this spring with our quilts, according to organizer Marlene Orwiler.

Here is the devotion for today.

Rachel Pritchett, office administrator


Tuesday, March 27

Dear God,

Thank you for the evening news. The stories of all your saints and sinners. The stoic faces. The crying. The screaming. The pit. The heroes. The survivors. Those who accomplish. Those who languish. The traps. The way forward. The kind. The mean. The disasters. The good fortune. Night after night you show me your big world, show me all your people, show me the never-ending struggle.

God, I don’t want the bad things to happen to me. In this overwhelming world, God, give me strength. I need to be strong to walk uphill like so many. I need to be strong so I don’t slide down the hill like so many. I need to go the distance. Make me smart. I don’t want to fall into the trap. When the hard times come, give me vision so I can see what’s coming around the corner. Don’t let me fall. Don’t let me stumble. Don’t let me sin. Save me from the pit. And most important of all, protect my children.

Oh Jesus, Your strength and Your wisdom are infinite. Keep me close so I stay strong. Night after night comes the news. Morning after morning comes the dawn.

Mary Clare Kersten

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