Katie Drovdahl's story

    12.12.16 |

    Bethany was the first church we visited after moving here a year and a half ago. We visited because we knew it was an inclusive community that focused on social justice and serving others.

      Alice McCain's story

      12.01.16 |

      When Bruce and I visited Bethany after our move to Kitsap County in 2011, we were very impressed with its theology, preaching, music and vibrant faith community. We’ve been Lutherans for a long time, we had tried other Kitsap ELCA churches, and...

        Allison Pringle's story

        11.28.16 |

        My husband and I were both raised Lutheran and loved the liturgy and traditions however, like many of our generation only went to church sporadically as young adults with no real church home.

          Rachel Pritchett's story

          11.23.16 |

          I'd characterize faith as Bethany as active. Yes, the place is full during worship times on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. But that's just a small part of the story.

            DeMar Sather's story

            11.03.16 |

            Three years ago, I was a "newbie" to Bethany. Today, I think that Bethany is a church that can serve others, in particular refugees, the homeless and seniors on tight, fixed incomes. I dream of the day that Bethany's undeveloped land...