Alice McCain's story

    12.01.16 |

    When Bruce and I visited Bethany after our move to Kitsap County in 2011, we were very impressed with its theology, preaching, music and vibrant faith community. We’ve been Lutherans for a long time, we had tried other Kitsap ELCA churches, and we decided that Bethany was a good fit for us.

    We joined Bethany and started meeting people, making friends along the way. A Rachel Circle member asked if I’d like to join –– such a simple act. Now I look forward to each Tuesday morning Rachel Circle time because of the fellowship (sistership?) that comes with creating quilts, studying the Bible, and doing other service projects. Bruce and I helped start the Bethany Advocacy committee, and there we have found more people who are as concerned with social justice issues as we are. We continue to find more ways to be involved with Bethany’s faith community, to grow and share our faith.

    Pictured above: Alice McCain helps load boxes of items for refugees' apartments.