Bethany custodian job description 2019


Clean anytime before 5 p.m. Saturday services. Come in after Sunday service is complete to empty trash and vacuum fellowship hall, if needed

Once a week:

Vacuum sanctuary, living room, offices, library, hall and fellowship hall

Sweep or mop narthex

Scrub down three bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, counters and floors

Empty all trash and take to dumpster for disposal or recycling, and put in new liners

Vacuum stairs, downstairs hallway, nursery and exit area

Occasionally run vacuum through unused classrooms

Extra cleaning times are during Lent, Easter and Christmas and on occasions of heavy use; monitor the calendar at Coordinate times with office.


Clean on Friday afternoons, Saturdays or Sunday afternoons or evenings


Once a week:

Vacuum common areas, including hallo

Vacuum each classroom as needed

Clean counter and sink in upstairs kitchen

Clean bathroom toilet, floor and sink

Dust, occasionally


Once a week:

Vacuum main room (except in summer, then vacuum as needed)

Clean both baths and kitchen area

Clean up after vacation Bible school


Replenish paper towels and toilet paper

Clean cobwebs

Empty all trash cans and put new liners in, take trash to dumpster

Empty trash can in area between education building and church